Never Buy Or Sell Online Without Escrow Paddy

Never Buy Or Sell Online Without Escrow Paddy


Transact Safely With Our Peer-to-Peer Escrow-based Payment Platform

Escrow Paddy bridges the gap between buyers and sellers by providing a safe platform for transactions to be processed. As an independent third party, Escrow Paddy holds payment until everyone fulfills their responsibilities in the transaction. With an escrow payment, the Seller will only receive the funds when the Buyer has received and accepted the products and/or services that are part of the transaction.

Safe and secure transactions

Hassle Free setup of the Escrow Account

Excellent Customer Service

Zero fee for account setup


How The Escrow Process Works

Escrow Paddy ensures safe payments between buyers and sellers. It bridges the trust gap between buyers and sellers

Buyer and seller agree
Submits Payment to Escrow
Delivers Goods or Service to Buyer
Releases Payment to Seller

Amazing Features

Escrow Paddy is the surest platform to do safe business between buyers and sellers.

  • All the tools You need

    Escrow Paddy was built with you in mind. With a standby and excellent support service to keep you satisfied

  • Protecting both buyers and sellers

    Third Party Escrow System that protects you from fraud and unserious buyers or sellers.

  • User friendly and responsive

    Escrow Paddy was built with you in mind. It provides all the tools you need with a seamless experience


Escrow Product And Services

Buyers and Sellers of all kinds of products and services can use Escrow Paddy

Household Items

Goods and products used within households.

Personal Accessories

Products such as personal belongings and accessories.

Office and Business Items

This covers office and business equipment, raw materials for your business and related products

General Merchandise

Electronics, Vehicles, properties etc

What our happy clients say

What our happy clients say

Escrow Paddy is safe, reliable and convenient. It is a life saver. Before I discovered Escrow Paddy, I have lost a lot of money to vendors who received payment but failed to deliver or even deliver what I ordered. With Escrow Paddy, I am no longer a victim

Before, people hardly pay especially when they don't know you. But with Escrow Paddy, people can now confidently make payments. This has helped me receive online payment from strangers and online clients safely. Escrow Paddy is a paddy indeed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions that People ask about Escrow Paddy

Yes, signing up with Escrow Paddy is completely free and always will be. However, We charge a small fee of 500 naira or 2% when you initiate a deal or transaction with another party. 

When someone cancels or fails to fulfill a deal, payer can ask for and get refund. However, the Escrow charge is not refundable

Anyone can pay, both parties can decide to split the charge.

Online Escrow Service In Nigeria

Online Escrow Service In Nigeria